Be it the classic English riding style or the Western style - in Bassa Atesina you can find both. Coupled with the right riding instructor and the right horse breed, this is the ideal setting for a great riding excursion.

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Stables and riding schools:
  • Alps Coliseum in Egna, riding facility, riding hall, riding for children, horse riding school,
    telephone 373 8299332 – advance booking required
  • Pichlhof in Aldino,
    telephone 0471 886788, advance booking required
  • Pichlhof in Aldino, pony riding for children,
    telephone 0471 886894, advance booking required
  • Überetscher Reitverein,
    further information at 348-7494847 – advance booking required
  • Priska Kelderer Riding School at Kaltern/Caldaro - riding lessons, riding training and tournament preparation
    phone: +39 339 2412547 -; advance booking required