Our hotel is conveniently located, and is especially known and appreciated for its hospitality and the many services for the motorbike scene. The Dolomite street leading to the most beautiful mountains passes in South Tyrol, the Dolomites and the Trentino, starts in Ora at the South Tyrolean Wine Road.

In our info corner you'll find excellent maps and tour tips. Especially for bikers, we have a small washing spot with high-pressure cleaner, repair tools, free Wi-Fi, free garage for motorbikes, trailers and cars.

Bike Info Corner with Guest ABC
• Maps
• Information like garages, tire suppliers, petrol station, events

We provide
• Prepared tours
• Tour maps for tours in South Tyrol, Trentino and the Dolomites

Support for planning your route
• Tour advice
• Recommendations for rewarding excursion destinations
• Guesthouse tips
• Information on interesting sights

Programme for motorbike-free days
• Sports
• Culture
• Events

Special offers for bikers
• With key topics
• Seasonal offers

Repair corner
• With tools
• On request we provide chain sprays and cleaning agents

Washing spot for motorbikers
• Hose
• Sponge
• Cleaning agents (on request)

• For trailers
• Free parking in the garage